- 別れの挨拶(Greetings of farewell)

□□□--おやすみなさい--Good night
□□□--その時まで--Until then.
□□□--またね--See you
□□□--後で捕まえるね--catch you later.
□□□--またそのうちに--see you sometime.
□□□--楽しんできて--Have fun.
□□□--連絡してね--Stay in touch.
□□□--落ちます--I'm logging out
□□□--Let's make PT again next time
□□□--お疲れ様でした--It was a fatigue state
□□□--ご苦労様でした--It was difficulty
□□□--お世話になりました--I was taken care of
□□□--また、占いに来て下さい--In addition, please come for fortune-telling
□□□--何時でもどうぞ--Even what time ,please
□□□--お幸せに--I am very happy(I hope your happyness)
□□□--手伝ってくれて有難う--Thank you for your help.
□□□--いろいろ有難う--Thank you for everything.
□□□--本当に感謝しています--I'm grateful to you.
□□□--(行為に対して)感謝します--I appreciant it.
□□□--親切に有難う--That's very nice of you.
□□□--助かりました--You've been very helpful.
□□□--心配しないで--Don't worry about it.
□□□--送れてゴメンナサイ--I'm sorry I'm late.
□□□--迷惑掛けてゴメンナサイ--I'm sorry to have troubled you.
□□□--ゴメン--sorry about that.
□□□--私の不注意でした--It was careless of me.
□□□--よかったね--Good for you.
□□□--元気出して--Cheer up.


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